Tribuna Expresso | Balconies: “I will leave this miserable world because I will enter a 24 hour bank to treat real Kovit patients”

Tribuna Expresso |  Balconies: "I will leave this miserable world because I will enter a 24 hour bank to treat real Kovit patients"

With nothing to predict, Frederico went to the conference room of the Verandas Lyria Stadium, where The final four Of the League Cup, and fired on the Directorate-General of Unilever and Health. False positive case for Nuno Mendes and Sporer who were left out of Robben Amorim’s selections for the semifinals of this match. Alvalez won (2-1) against Elvis Porto.

The club’s president began by saying that the club “strictly adheres to the rules of the league” and then chronologically described the events.

So, Sporar and Nuno Mendes failed to meet in Rio Ave on the 15th because they tested positive for the league’s protocol on Wednesday the 13th, but these results “did not match” Alvalade’s internal tests, and the footballers performed two PCR tests Subjected to “different laboratories and two more antigen tests” which are “always negative”.

In view of this situation, Sporting contacted Unilever Labs, which is in agreement with the league, and all the documents related to the internal tests carried out, in Varantas ‘opinion, certified the players’ medical condition. Paradoxically, Varandas said that “false tests occur only once in 100 tests”, therefore, “one percent”, and the game “two”. “We were unlucky, we were very unlucky”, but the club accepted the decision and two “basic” footballers did not play against Rio Ave.

But the story continues.

On Monday – this Monday – the game received information from the Regional Health Authority that the names of Nuno Mendes and Spora were no longer in the cine – and that Nuno Mendis was not actually registered in the monitoring system. “It’s very strange, but that’s it: we had a sign that they could both play in the League Cup. I’m a doctor, I can say without a doubt that the players have no qualms.

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Not only that, Varandas argued. “After all, I’m not aware that the ARS document has not yet reached the Directorate of Public Health; instead of false positives, DGS wanted it to be written as false. There has been no response from the lab yet, the game is already over. “

So, between “this play on words”, these two footballers went to play Sporting without, in their opinion, “no coveted”, so the medical staff of Alvalet decided to file a complaint against the medical director of Unileps, what “He said he did not know what was going on and he was not even contacted. Too bad: we have an email from the same person.”

Next, Varandas said goodbye to the press conference in advance: “I have not negotiated values ​​with presidents or colleagues. Finally, it is already too late, I will give up this miserable world because in a moment I will enter a bank to treat 24 real Govt patients.”

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