Tried: BlockArch Linux as a Comprehensive Navigation Test Toolkit

Tried: BlockArch Linux as a Comprehensive Navigation Test Toolkit

Half a year after the last major update, Arch Linux released BlackArch Linux in early December. All the basic components of the proud 15GB live system were brought to the level of Arch Linux installation media 2020.12.01.

Updated kernel for everyday Linux applications and especially newer program versions is a small thing in the case of BlackArch. In addition to its minimalist window manager with indispensable hacker aesthetics, the delivery also features a set of tools provided to support security professionals and ambitious security hobbies looking for infiltration tests and vulnerabilities. During the upgrade, it was significantly expanded again: more than 100 new tools have been added, now there are a total of 2621.

We tried BlackArch Linux, which is not comparable to similar distributions like Kali Linux and Kli OS.

The large set of tools explains the enormous scope of the live system, which was developed for USB sticks with a capacity of 16GB or more and is written to USB data carriers with programs such as “DT” or Edcher under Windows (64-bit). The image produced in OVA format even comes to 28 gigabytes to operate as a virtual machine.

BlackArc is available as its own installable system and the simplest bootstrap installer for shell. This is a scroll release that is constantly updated via the “Backman” package manager, just like “normal” Arch Linux.

What’s exciting for users of existing Arch Linux installations is that BlackArk developers also provide a package source to upgrade Arch-based systems for specialized distributions for hunting security holes. As we found in a short experiment, Manzaro systems can handle BlackArc package sources despite differences to the pure archive. This offer gives users the advantage of being able to conveniently bring the necessary tools into the system without having to pack into AURs (Arch user respositories).

A is used to accommodate the blockchain package source The script is available on the BlackArch websiteThis is the command


After checking the authenticity of the call to Arch Linux already in the shell

sudo bash

Sets the package source. After the synchronization of the package list the package manager can “backman”

sudo pacman -Syyu

About the command

pacman -Sgg | grep BlackArch | less

List all tools that can be installed.

BlackArch package resources are also available for the Arch64 configuration Unofficial ARM port from Arch Linux Together. It also makes boards with ARM processors like the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 more interesting.

With one A detailed list of each tool on the BlackArch website The distribution stands in favor of competitor Parrot OS, for example, there is no such overview yet. Each tool has a link to the respective project page, which (hopefully) provides more information. In fact, it makes sense to first consult this blockchain program list and then start and explore the required program directly on the terminal in Bash.

In general, programs are categorized into 50 categories according to their purpose, from “A” to “E” for “forensic resistance” to “W” for “wireless”, metasploid, burp suite and pocket-sniper wire shark are represented by several small, specialized scanners .

Home page

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