Tropical storm Iota is still recovering from catastrophe for Central America from Etta

Tropical storm Iota is still recovering from catastrophe for Central America from Etta

Now, 99.5% of properties on the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast are without electricity, the country’s National Disaster Prevention and Focus Organization (Sinapred) said Tuesday. Nicaragua’s vice president Rosario Murillo said four adults and two minors had died in the country as a result of Iota’s impact.

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season Historically active, Iota has brought the number of seasons to 30 named storms, which is not always the case. Iota is still circling the region, with winds of up to 40 miles per hour, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Despite declining wind speeds, Central America is still at risk for life-threatening flash floods, river floods and landslides. But already some parts of the region are bursting with rivers with heavy loads to flip roofs over streets and under electric poles.

40,000 people have been affected

Before the attack on Iota, about 3.6 million people across Central America were affected by ETA, which caused several days of storms, heavy rains, floods and landslides in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, destroying entire communities.

Dozens of people have gone missing in a landslide last week in the remote Guatemalan village of San Cristobal, with mud in some places as deep as 50 feet.

Murillo said more than 400,000 people in Nicaragua are now affected by the strong storm that hit the country. More than 62,000 people in Central America have been relocated to 683 government camps following the storm, the country’s government said on national television on Tuesday.

The storm has rained heavily, with large areas of Honduras and Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize expecting at least 10 inches and 30 inches until Thursday, while areas from El Salvador to Panama can expect 4 to 8 inches, isolated maximums of 12 inches.

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There is almost no information with the city of Bilvi, also known as Puerto Cabos, as darkness and power cables fell.

Photos of the agency show people wandering through knee-high water Rivas And In Bilvi, On the north coast. Residents of the televised vulnerable Philippians were asked to “stay calm, stay away from vulnerable areas or reflect any danger to human safety.”

In several cities in Nicaragua’s Rivas region, a landmass between Lake Nicaragua in the southwest of the country and the Pacific Ocean, authorities are monitoring rivers and keeping vulnerable families sheltered, the NHC said.

A resident of the Nuevo Paraiso neighborhood on Belen Island walks into a flooded area after Hurricane Iota passes.

The Colombian island of Providence is offering condolences to the victims of the storm

At least two were killed and one was missing Regarding providencia, Colombian President Evan Duke said on Tuesday. One hundred and twelve people were evacuated from the island on Tuesday, six of whom were seriously injured.

Hurricane Ioda is expected to intensify and make landfall in Central America affected by the storm.

“Thanks to our products and the steps we have taken, we are pleased that Providence’s community has not been affected by a large death toll,” Duke said. “We mourn the loss of two.”

The island’s infrastructure has been completely destroyed, Duke said. The priority is to clear the island of debris and set up emergency camps and field hospitals as soon as possible.

Local Mayor George Norberto Gary Hooker issued the first total curfew order Sunday evening, setting up 15 municipal camps and helping people get inside.

The Duke said Monday that the islands of San Andres and Providence, located northwest of Colombia’s mainland, felt the impact of a Type 5 hurricane for the first time in recorded history.

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CNN’s Stefano Posephon, Holly Silverman, Jean Norman and Robert Shackford contributed to the report.

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