Trucks line up at the Cleveland Post Office delivery center as mail delays increase

Trucks line up at the Cleveland Post Office delivery center as mail delays increase

Cleveland, Ohio – Trucks line up outside the U.S. Postal Service’s Cleveland Distribution Center as Christmas approaches.

Holiday gift baskets, Christmas cards and even medicines are being discontinued as residents wait for late mail due to corona virus restrictions and lack of staff.

The post office declined to answer questions about the delays, their cause or whether they are expected to end. A spokesman said last week the Postal Service was hiring seasonal staff and allocating resources to its facilities that require additional resources.

Packages at the post office have become balloons during epidemics because people order goods and supplies in order.

In May, Richard Clark, senior post office operations manager for the Northern Ohio District, He said the post office is on track to handle more mail than December 2019. Our package size has increased by 70% due to staying at home (Government Mike Divine). The COVID-19 epidemic is on the verge of reaching Christmas levels in May. ”

From July to September, the Northern Ohio District, which includes Cleveland, was the third slowest postal service district in the country. 78.1% of two-day mails are on time. For three- to five-day mail, this was the sixth worst, with 65.1% on time, according to the Post Office’s quarterly performance for single-piece first class mail.

Now the holidays are here, and the mail emphasizes the mountain setting even more.

Kathleen Helpick-Hannon of Shaker Heights says the delays are inconsistent. He recently filmed a video of trucks waiting to be unloaded at the Cleveland facility.

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Helpic-Hannan says he ordered five Christmas gift baskets through a local company. She was able to see through the tracking information that her shipping label was printed on November 30, and the packages arrived at the Lockwood Ohio Post Office.

After that, the Lockheed Post Office took the packages to the main distribution center, where they were to be acknowledged in their organization, Helpic-Hannan says. So far, nothing.

“Here’s my concern with them — it’s really their lack of communication, or admitting the problem, or how they’re going to solve it,” Helpic-Hannan says. “These truck drivers have been waiting to be unloaded (some of them for more than two days). That’s not right. ”

Hundreds of people are worried about delays on social media.

Judy Adams Leatherman shared this opinion Facebook Mail When asked if she noticed packages or mail arriving late: “Of course! Do everything I can to avoid using them this year! Still waiting in at least two late packages. Those trucks waiting- it’s scary! Hire people. Ask the National Guard to do something! ”

In the same post, Bob Gonzalez commented: “Yes, good God. Now waiting for a package that will be permanently “delayed in traffic” for three weeks. Anything scheduled to come to UPS / FedEx has arrived just in time! ”

Unfortunately, customers cannot pick up their mail in person and they have to wait until it is delivered to their home or mailbox. If they need help, the Postal Service recommends calling the USPS Customer Care Center at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

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The postal service does not provide an expiration date or settlement, but encourages USPS customers to proceed with early mail packages.

“We are grateful for the continued support of our customers and are committed to ensuring that gifts and cards are delivered on time to celebrate the holidays,” said Christine Sewer, Chief Retail and Distribution Officer of the Postal Service. We also thank our 644,000 employees who work tirelessly in these unique conditions to ensure the delivery of holiday gifts and greetings.

“We continue to grow our network this holiday season, including ensuring we have the right equipment to deploy, process and deliver historically significant mail and packages.”

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