Trudeau promises bold plans for Canada in speech to throne

Trudeau promises bold plans for Canada in speech to throne

OTTAWA — A whole new Canada — greener, healthier, more compassionate and fairer.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a promise last month after announcing last month to halt Congress due to an ethical scandal involving his government and his family.

“We promised to present to the country an ambitious recovery plan from the coronavirus and the economic devastation it triggered. This is the time for us to change a better future.”

On Wednesday, he will finally unveil the much-anticipated legislative plan. As it is an effort to reset the country, it is also an opportunity for Mr. Trudeau to reset his political fortune.

Mr. Trudeau struggles with high unemployment rates, skyrocketing budget shortages, and uncertain future for Canadian companies. Coronavirus infection rates are starting to rise again —As well as fear that the second pandemic wave has begun.

Some provinces have revived regulations, raising concerns about economic problems. Long-term goals that are noble and expensive are less delicious.

Kathy L. Brock, professor of policy at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, said the prime minister should offer more than praise.

“Mr. Trudeau should have a plan or suggestion to tell Canadians:’We know where we’re going and we’re not just responding right now,’ she said.

The contract was eventually abandoned The charity recently announced it was shutting down. Operating in Canada.

However, the episodes included last year’s bruising of Trudeau’s image ahead of his reelection, including the SNC-Lavalin controversy. His office’s efforts to lower criminal charges against major engineering firms, Revelation on the Prime Minister’s wear blackface and brownface In the past.

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Lori Turnbull, director of public administration at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, said, “For those who don’t doubt Justin Trudeau or who are not particularly excited, all of this will only solidify what they think. Survey show Trudeau’s Liberal Party suffered short-term damage In the episode.

At the same time, she said Mr. Trudeau’s supporters were politically sweeping the WE case, saying “there’s really nothing to see here.”

When Mr. Trudeau announced that he would shut down the parliament-his political opponents closed a commission hearing on WE charities-he raised expectations for what he could deliver.

“This epidemic is an unexpected problem and it’s an unprecedented opportunity.” Mr. Trudeau said in August. “It’s an opportunity to build a more resilient Canada. Healthier, safer, greener and more competitive Canada. Canada more welcoming and fair.”

Opposition parties, businesses, trade unions and think tanks across the country came up with an idea of ​​what Mr. Trudeau should include in the plan, which will be announced in a so-called throne speech and read by Governor Julie Payette as a member of Congress. Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II.

These ideas are in the so-called green recovery plan to create jobs and tackle climate change. National Child Care Program It will help working mothers disproportionately affected by the plague. Loss of income from employment for 30 years After 3 months.

“The pandemic has certainly shown a crack in our social safety net,” said Hassan Yousuf, president of the Canadian Labor Congress, a trade union organization.

Given the nation’s record unemployment rate, plans to sew the country’s social safety net will get a good response, policy professor Ms. “Canadians have a real sense of helping each other,” Brock said.

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In addition to providing wage subsidies and other measures, the government has bridged the gap. Emergency program It paid the unemployed $2,000 every four weeks, or about $1,500, which in some cases is more than what some beneficiaries once made.

One idea is to replace it with a guaranteed minimum income, as well as unemployment insurance and other federal programs, instead of extending it when this program ends in early December.

This requires strong Canadian provincial approval. It controls many of Canada’s social programs and forces federal intervention.

Government ministers have hinted at a plan for a green recovery, but it could spark a Conservative rebellion and, in theory, create new political problems for Mr.

His Liberal Party is a minority in Congress, so his plans should get enough votes from opposition members. Otherwise, the country will be headed for a pandemic election campaign. The next federal election will be in three years. In Canadian history, no government has ever been defeated in a speech to the throne.

Details of how Mr. Trudeau will pay for the new initiative won’t come out until he announces the budget. However, there is already a wide debate. Amount the government can afford After pandemic spending drove the deficit to a level not seen after World War II.

Most economists agree that the government should continue to spend on aid programs due to the epidemic. However, some economists argue that Mr. Trudeau does not have an unlimited license.

“Families and businesses still need ongoing support,” said Douglas Porter, chief economist at the Bank of Montreal. “But I’m not convinced that now is the time to go beyond that and introduce all kinds of new, big and bold policy initiatives that change the environment when we’re not sure where we’ll be going in six months. .”

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In recent years, Trudeau’s political party has tried to cool the nation’s expectations for a bold strategy in response to an increasing number of coronavirus cases.

But withdrawal will damage Trudeau’s already undermined reputation as a light communicator of substance and ethics, policy professor Ms. Brock said.

“I have a question about Trudeau,” she said. “Does he really understand files, government affairs and ethics issues? Does he get it?”

“That image started with him,” she added. “It’s dangerous. He knows he has to do something, but it has to be something he can achieve.”

Ian Austen reported from Ottawa and Catherine Porter from Toronto.

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