Trump accepts herd immunity after recovering from COVID-19.

Trump accepts herd immunity after recovering from COVID-19.

President Trump’s next day Obvious recovery In COVID-19, he and his administration have pushed back the notion that the United States must fight the epidemic in order to achieve so-called herd immunity by preventing the spread through the use of masks and reducing interpersonal contact. .

Trump posted a tweet that was quickly reported on Twitter for spreading misinformation on a Sunday, one day after his doctor returned to the campaign trail.

“I got full and full approval from the White House doctors yesterday. That means I can’t get it and I can’t (immune) give it. Nice to know you !!!” The president wrote.

In fact, some people who have recovered from COVID-19 have become infected a second time, and apparently have been infected with the mutant strain virus. The idea behind herd immunity is that if more than 60 to 70% of the population is exposed to the virus and produces antibodies against it, the infection chain will break.

Vaccination is one way your community can help achieve collective immunity. That’s why doctors urge you to get an annual flu shot. This is because it introduces a small amount of virus into the human body and causes antibody production.

But for now, at least a COVID-19 vaccine is still hard to find, and the US has no place close to herd immunity. The number of confirmed COVID-19 patients is a little less than 8 million. The actual numbers are believed to be quite high, but epidemiologists estimate that 85 to 90% of Americans are still susceptible to the disease. There are more than 216,000 confirmed deaths in the United States, which means the case mortality rate can reach 2.74%. However, even the much lower rates that apply to the range of the population susceptible to COVID-19 can result in massive deaths, far exceeding the current deaths.

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World Health Organization secretary-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a briefing Monday, “In the history of public health, mass immunity has never been used as a strategy to counter outbreaks, let alone epidemics.” “There are scientific and ethical problems.”

President Trump at a campaign rally in Jonestown, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

On the same day, Tedros made a recent remark on livestock immunity, and Trump Statements of other WHO officials To strengthen his position, it is necessary to lift the blockade to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

In fact, WHO hasn’t changed its location and has always specified locking limits. Sometimes needed, Should be used as a last resort.

Capturing that apparent contradiction, the Trump administration convened a phone call with reporters to promote the idea that the United States should seek immunity to end the pandemic. The New York Times reported Wednesday. In the call, two officials who requested anonymity cited a petition called the Great Barrington Declaration calling for the lifting of coronavirus restrictions on most US citizens.

“The most compassionate approach that balances the benefits and risks of reaching swarm immunity allows people with a minimal risk of death to live a normal life, strengthening their immunity to the virus through natural infections and at the most risk. We call this centralized protection,” the document says.

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It is unclear how far Trump and his administration will push the state to adopt a herd immunity approach to the virus, but the number of US COVID-19 cases continues to rise as his massive campaign rally resumed ignoring some state guidelines. According to the New York Times, new cases have increased by 21% over the past two weeks.

“Now they say I am immune. Trump added at a Monday rally in Florida that “I will kiss all of those audiences.”

However, Trump himself seemed to have persuaded it to be unethical to do nothing to stop the spread of the coronavirus. One of his favorite episodes of the past few months To get credit It simply reduced COVID-19 deaths that would have allowed the virus to roam freely.

In April, Trump said, “If we didn’t do anything, we didn’t distance ourselves, think of potentially 2.2 million people if we don’t do everything we’re doing.

At the same time, he seemed to be fascinated by Sweden’s example of not enacting strong measures to slow the spread of the virus.

Trump told Pennsylvania City Hall a few days before he became infected with COVID-19, “You will develop a flock like a flock mindset. “It will be. It will be developed, it will happen.”

Herd immunity (not herd mind) is a proven true dynamic concept. ㅏ Research Announcement Tuesday In the journal Immunity, it was concluded that COVID-19 antibodies could protect a person from reinfection by the same type of disease for 5 to 7 months. However, in order to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19, the United States must be content to either produce a vaccine or have millions of Americans get sick and hundreds of thousands of people die from the disease.

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