Trump administration questions Epic Games and Riot about Tencent relationship

Trump administration questions Epic Games and Riot about Tencent relationship

The Trump administration appears to be investigating the data collection policies of U.S. companies linked to Tencent after sanctions against Tencent app WeChat earlier this year. Bloomberg report The letter was sent by the Foreign Investment Commission (CFIUS) in the United States. The League of Legends Studio Riot and Fortnite Creator Epic Games asks about “a security protocol that processes personal data of Americans.”

Tencent owns Riot and owns a minority stake in Epic. Many other companies, part Bloomberg Also speak the received letter. The report did not elaborate on specific questions to the question, but it does contain an overall concern that Chinese government agencies may have access to personal data collected by apps from US land.

News appeared some time ago The US Department of Commerce has issued an order On September 20th, we need to uninstall WeChat and ByteDance’s TikTok app from the app store. Those who have installed TikTok can use it until at least November 12 after the US presidential election, but WeChat Run into technical limitations Makes the operation more difficult. Fortnite In fact, it is currently not available on the iOS and Android app stores. Separate legal fight Includes in-app purchase policy.

The Trump administration has not been chasing other big Tencent properties so far. Save on popular games like The League of Legends. However, the CFIUS survey could reveal more scrutiny for companies with Tencent links.

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