Trump allies in Congress will try to win Biden

Trump allies in Congress will try to win Biden

Republican Congressmen want to resort to the 1880 Act to force a decision other than the victory of the Democrats.

This is the ultimate maneuver: at least 18 of President Donald Trump’s allies in Congress – by the House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority, and the Senate, with a Republican majority – agree to seek legal means to deny Joe Biden’s victory in the election. November presidential elections; The Democrats won a total of 306 seats in the Electoral College, just 232 seats for Trump. These allies want to resort to the 1880 Act, which is a member of Congress 50 U.S. Allows states to run in every election result and allows the entire Congress to vote in favor of the decision. Attempts have been made several times by failed parties in recent years, but the final referendum has never changed.

For the plan to succeed, as the Washington Post explains, the 18 Republicans in the House of Representatives need at least one senator to recognize each challenge. Missouri Senator Josh Howley said he would join the protest in Pennsylvania “and in other states”; New Alaska Senator Tommy Doverville would also like to join the denial effort.
Historically, it’s not uncommon to see senators in this type of political struggle, but, as the facts remind us, this is not a post – election period: Trump, who was defeated in office, tried everything to change everything that gave him 70 results. , The defamation of votes by mail, he repeated yesterday on the heels of a rally in Georgia and more than 50 legal actions that did not win in court.

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Confuses the 140-year-old law

The role of Congress is crucial, from choosing the date to approving the results. Each state has already certified its vote, and the Electoral College has already voted on Dec. 14; Now, this is not the only method: the states send the college’s total votes to Congress, which counts and confirms them, adjusting the official final decision, which will take place today, the final announcement made by Mike Pence, Vice Trump.

Legislators will have a key role to play in highlighting the 18 Challenges Committee that examines the 1880 law, known as the “Electoral Number Act,” which many legal experts have heard the New York Times consider “very confusing” and “badly written” because it won no candidate. A law created only to guide Congress in the face of much controversy – this is not the case.

But with the promised challenge of Senator Josh Howley, we will retaliate with at least one legal process to challenge the election. Experts warn that the law is too complex, that if one really gets into the process, “there will be plenty of opportunities for disagreement and legal reconsideration”, and it will always be necessary for each challenge to be signed by a new senator. But even Mitch McConnell, an influential Republican leader and Trump ally, has already said, “Don’t go there.”

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