Trump called Carl Bernstein a “perfect job” after the Watergate legend called the president “murder”.

Trump called Carl Bernstein a ``perfect job'' after the Watergate legend called the president ``murder''.

It is safe to assume President Trump You won’t see “All Presidents’ Men” sooner or later.

Trump voted CNN’s Carl Bernstein as’too work’ on Tuesday. After a famous Watergate reporter classified him as a “murderous president” for holding an indoor rally amid the coronavirus epidemic, Trump was selected as a “hard job” on Tuesday.

“I mean, I know a little of Carl Bernstein. He’s a stupid job. Trump said in a live telephone interview for “FOX & Friends” Tuesday morning.

According to President Trump, CNN’s Carl Bernstein said it was “perfect.”

Trump referred to Bernstein and his Watergate reporting partner Bob Woodward, saying “I honestly don’t respect either of them.”

WOODWARD soon denies claims that it could save lives by posting Trump comments.

Trump continued, “He was such a fool and I see him. “He will say anything. Whatever you do. Like today, I’m working a lot with Israel… no matter what you do, fake news makes no difference.”

Trump then criticized the mainstream media for not spending enough time reporting that he was nominated for a pair of Nobel Peace Prizes before returning to his thoughts on Bernstein.

“Carl Bernstein is a dummy. He’s a stupid guy and Woodward’s book. I read it last night. It’s like a light reading and he doesn’t understand. If my policy turns out to be right… [Woodward] The book was really boring. I have to tell you,” said Trump.

MCENANY defends Trump after Woodward Books publicly downplays CORONAVIRUS but claims it is’fatal’.

Trump was annoyed by what Bernstein made on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Monday night when asked about Trump’s decision to hold an indoor rally.

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“Let’s clarify what we are seeing here. We are seeing the murder president deliberately convening a murder rally so that he can be reelected as president of the United States instead of protecting the health and welfare of the United States. States, including supporters who are willing to sacrifice,” Bernstein said.

Why is the WASHINGTON POST on BOB WOODWARD’s Trump record?

“President Lee is betting part of his presidency, especially for the right to life of unborn, and he has sacrificed the lives of thousands of Americans every day because he is reluctant to deal honestly and honestly with serious domestic crises. The post-war history of this country,” Bernstein continued. “He gave up his responsibility and the result is perhaps the most terrible felony committed by any president in our history. And now we scapegoat his supporters to the US president tonight. It’s amazing.”

As for the other half of the famous “Woodward and Bernstein” press duo, Trump is plagued by the fact that Woodward’s upcoming book “Anger” portrays him in a negative light.

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Trump has had 18 conversations with Woodward, and the author has slowed the release of audio clips in the conversation, leading Trump to be criticized for his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Woodward has also been criticized for not releasing the audio sooner, but claims he has done nothing wrong.

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