Trump campaign to protect all documents related to Sydney Powell and Dominion voting systems

Trump campaign to protect all documents related to Sydney Powell and Dominion voting systems

The memo, which was viewed by CNN, refers to a letter Dominion sent to Powell this week, urging him to publicly withdraw his allegations and advising campaign staff not to alter, destroy or reject relevant records.

A serious internal rift has developed within Trump’s campaign following the election, with tensions high between the campaign’s public adviser, Matt Morgan, who sent the memo on Saturday, and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Although the campaign once distanced itself from Powell, Trump, according to many familiar with his views, has been urging others to fight like himself. He has heard many more of his arguments on television, which are often unsubstantiated and filled with conspiracy theories.

Morgan wrote in the memo, “The allegations in the letter, dated December 16, 2020, refer to the campaign and the lawyers who may have worked for the campaign. The campaign did not expect the campaign to be fair at this time, even with references to the campaign and some of its external lawyers. Despite the above, protect all rights and privileges that may be under the law.” Defend The campaign considers it prudent to establish a lawsuit at this time. ”The Trump campaign declined to comment.

After Trump lost the election, Dominion Fired from the President and Powell Was said to be unsubstantiated The organization’s voting machines shifted votes from Trump to President-elect Joe Biden. Powell never claimed right in court, claiming that Dominion was unworthy of the charges. Now, Trump’s lawyers, who expected Dominion to be able to take legal action against Powell for his claims, have “instructed staff to protect any and all records relating to the defense of the Republic, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Lynn Wood and each of their associates and deputy attorneys.” And “All records related to Dominion.”

“Please make sure the staff involved are aware that these records need to be maintained,” the memo says. “Files or boxes must be labeled,” Do not delete from the Office of the General Adviser without primary authorization. “

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The memo added: “In the future, you may contact a consultant and ask them to return copies of relevant information that you have. For the time being, protect all such records until further notice. Instead, you may not solicit this matter or any potential lawsuits with anyone inside or outside the campaign, except for the purposes of protecting the records.” Should not be discussed. “

Dominion voting organizations did not immediately respond to CNN comment on whether there was an immediate plan to take legal action against Powell.

Although Trump’s campaign tried to distance himself from Powell after holding a conspiracy news conference with his other lawyers, Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, Trump has told people that he likes Powell’s arguments and wants to see them on television. When A chaotic meeting Friday at the Oval Office, Trump said he would consider naming a special adviser to investigate allegations of voter fraud. The meeting was first reported by the New York Times.

The meeting will include his client, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, two people familiar with the matter, describing a session that began as a pre-arranged meeting, but Powell and Flynn made even more outrageous recommendations to thwart some of Trump’s elections in the run-up to the polls, which ended up screaming at some point. The aides pushed back.

“It was hot – people at the Oval were really fighting it, they were really strong about it,” one of the sources said.

Among Trump ‘s aides, those who have faced his previous controversies, a source described what he might do next when his term ends.

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After that meeting, Trump’s campaign staff received a legal note on the protection of records related to Powell.

This report has been updated with additional reporting.

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