Trump crisis committee co-ordinator considered he was stepping down

Trump crisis committee co-ordinator considered he was stepping down

When asked on the North American television station CBS on the “Face the Nation” show, immunologist Deborah Birch replied “always” if she had “thought about giving up” the position.

“My colleagues who have known me for decades, because I was at the White House and they knew me forever, thought I had become that political person,” Deborah Birch said in an interview that will be broadcast in full on Sunday.

Shortly before the presidential election in November 2020, when it became clear that “I was nowhere to be found,” the expert added, “he devised a comprehensive communication plan on what was to happen.” The day after the election ”.

In the same interview, Deborah Birch, who mobilized more than 20,000 members of the National Guard at Joe Biden’s recent inauguration on Wednesday, feared that a Govt-19 super infection could mark the event, taking into account the possibility of asymmetry in the military.

Today, the report of Anthony Fucci, the leading epidemiologist of the US government, was released, warning that during the Donald Trump administration, scientists were under increasing pressure.

“I do not want to agree with the president because I have a lot of respect for this position, but at different levels, there were conflicts with different people and different organizations, and there was a lot of pressure to do things that are not in line with science,” Fucci told The local newspapers today. Announced.

The United States, the country most affected by the Govt-19 epidemic, has more than 24.8 million records and about 400 thousand deaths.

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