Trump defends decision to publicly downplay COVID-19 to avoid fear

Trump defends decision to publicly downplay COVID-19 to avoid fear

Wednesday President Trump made his decision Neglect seriousness In delivering information about the coronavirus to the American people, he said the ongoing panic is only exacerbating the upcoming pandemic.

“I am the cheerleader of this country,” he told reporters. Unrelated White House Briefing. “I don’t want people to be afraid. I don’t want to create a panic.

“We want to show confidence. We want to show power. We want to show our strength as a nation. And that’s what I did.”

Trump admitted to Washington Post editor Bob Woodward in an interview. His upcoming book “I always wanted to play. [the coronavirus] According to an excerpt released on Wednesday, he said publicly, although he admitted serious prospects behind the scenes.

“We don’t want to jump up and down, shout out there’s a huge problem, and surprise everyone,” Trump said in a briefing.

Donald Trump

He also offered public tranquility as a strategy to prevent price spikes and allow the United States to stock up on masks, gowns and other necessary items.

When asked if he feels responsible for the deaths of nearly 190,000 Americans from the current coronavirus, Trump said the damage could have been much better if not taken by the administration.

“If we hadn’t done what we did, millions would have died,” he said. “We have closed our country. We closed it very, very quickly and very effectively.”

Trump specifically cited the Jan. 31 order restricting travel from “very infected” China, where the virus began.

“The last thing we can show is panic, excitement, fear and everything else,” Trump said. “We had to deal with a given situation.”

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