Trump has criticized Republicans for allowing him to pass a security diploma

Trump has criticized Republicans for allowing him to pass a security diploma

A total of 109 Republican congressmen, including Wyoming-elected Elizabeth Cheney, who is part of the party leadership, will re-approve with Democrats the bill that would define the country’s security policy on Monday.

The diploma is now available in the U.S. This will be the first time Congressmen have reviewed and contradicted a document vetoed by Trump’s office, if it is passed, which will be debated by the Senate, the ‘upper’ chamber of Congress.

Trump commented on the social networking site Twitter, “The weak and tired Republican ‘leadership’ will allow a bad security bill to pass. (…) Shameless cowardice and total submission (…).

Democrats want the Senate to consider it later this week, although a referendum is yet to be held.

While not presenting any arguments in support of this position, Trump says the document only serves China’s interests.

Trump vetoed the diploma last week, saying he did not go too far in controlling technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, which operate in the social media business, which he believes will be partly against the president during the re-election campaign.

Twitter and Facebook decided to implement tools built to combat the spread of misinformation during election periods – tools used to combat fake news about Govt-19.

Many Trump tweets have been censored, with messages informing users that the messages there are clearly not in line with the truth and have not been confirmed with official information.

Facebook did not censor the content, but it issued a similar warning in publications related to Trump, who is considered to be the biggest single propagandist of misinformation about the epidemic.

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Republicans also oppose the renaming of several military bases that respect the federation’s figures. These tributes are reminiscent of the American Civil War and the famous statistics of states that opposed the abolition of slavery, namely South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Louisiana.

The Defense Diploma, also known as the National Security Accreditation Act, recognizes an investment of more than $ 740 billion (approximately 60 605 billion) in military projects and infrastructure construction, with an estimated 3% increase for the U.S. military.

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