Trump has promised that the “hell fight” will continue in the presidency

Trump has promised that the "hell fight" will continue in the presidency

He promised a “hell of a fight” to continue as president of the United States, asking Congress not to accept the Electoral College vote, which confirmed Joe Biden’s victory.

The statements were made during a rally in Georgia in support of Republican Senate candidates in Tuesday’s election, which will determine who will control the upper house of Congress.

During the rally, Donald Trump devoted most of his speech to re-reporting the November 3 presidential election results, insisting he had “won”.

A few hours earlier in Washington, he had pressured Republican lawmakers to approve Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College at a joint congressional meeting Wednesday.

The session, chaired by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, could drag on into the night, even as Congress is expected to confirm the electoral college vote that gave Biden victory.

“I hope our best vice president will win. He’s a great man. Of course, if I do not win, I will not like him that much,” Trump said in Georgia.

Attempts to support Trump in Congress Missouri’s Sen. Led by Josh Howley and Texas’ Lucidescent Ted Cruz, they are both potential candidates for the presidency in 2024, running for the support of outgoing presidential voters.

Trump’s last hope is a joint meeting in Congress on Wednesday to calculate Biden’s election vote and the inherent certainty of the results, the final stage of certifying the election that will lead to his January 20 inauguration. .

Despite the failure of the strategy, Trump won the support of a dozen Republican senators and a hundred members of the House of Representatives.

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On Sunday, a report obtained by the Washington Post showed that Donald Trump was pressing Georgia’s highest electoral power to manipulate the results of the November elections.

In the post, Trump asks Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger to “look for votes where necessary to reduce Fiden’s victory.”

President-elect Joe Biden, who went to Georgia to support Democratic candidates, accused Trump of “whining and complaining” more than fighting the Govt-19 epidemic. “I don’t know why he still wants this job, he doesn’t want to work,” he added.

The president of the United States is indirectly elected by universal suffrage and is supported by the Electoral College, Biden’s victory against Trump on December 14.

In the final stages of certifying the election law that will pave the way for the inauguration on January 20, the House of Representatives and the Senate will usually formally formalize the results on Wednesday. .

Dozens of Trump appeals against election results have hit the U.S. in recent months. Have been dismissed by the courts.

Biden won by 306 votes from the Electoral College, more than Trump by 232 votes.

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