Trump is asking supporters to put pressure on Congress not to check Biden’s victory

Trump is asking supporters to put pressure on Congress not to check Biden's victory

US President Donald Trump has asked his supporters to stage a demonstration in Washington on January 6 as a last ditch effort to pressure Congress not to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the election.

Thousands of protesters are expected in the US capital that day, including the outgoing president of the November presidential election and his (unproven) allegations of electoral fraud, as well as elements of far-right violent groups such as the “Proud Boys”. “.

Over the weekend, Trump used Twitter to urge his supporters to join the struggle, calling the November 3 election law “the biggest fraud in the country’s history.”

“We will meet in Washington on January 6. Do not miss,” he appealed in two publications on the social network.

The president wants to put pressure on Congress to reverse their defeat in the election.

Vice President Mike Pence will preside over a Jan. 6 session of Congress to certify the votes of every U.S. state election college that received 306 key voter votes against Donald Trump’s 232.

In a joint session with the House of Representatives and the Senate, Benz must complete the process of opening and studying the certificates announcing the large number of voters in each state before announcing the winner.

But Donald Trump and his supporters are trying to pressure the vice president to reject election certificates from states where Joe Biden has successfully emerged, which many legal experts in the country say is a force that Pence does not have.

Nearly 50 complaints filed by Donald Trump supporters in the United States have been dropped or dismissed by the courts due to a lack of conclusive evidence to support “massive fraud” allegations.

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