“Trump is not going to run for president again. The fall is huge.”

"Trump is not going to run for president again. The fall is huge."

“We have to admit that (Trump) deceived us,” said Haley, who was a supporter of the former president and appointed ambassador to the United Nations (2017-18) for the political information portal.

“He should not have followed the path he followed, we should not have followed him, we should not have listened to him and we should not let it happen again,” the former governor said.

Haley has maintained a low profile since Trump’s refusal to concede defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in the November 3, 2020 election.

Supporters of the former Republican president stormed the Capitol on January 6, leaving five dead, and the former governor told a meeting of the Republican National Committee that there would be a “bad historical test” for Trump.

While Trump is the target of a political Senate indictment, backed by at least five Republican senators who may dictate his ban on running for president in the future, Haley rejects the offer.

“He will not run for president again (…) I do not believe he will get involved. I do not believe he can, (Trump) the fall is huge,” the former governor said.

In his statement to Politico, Haley distanced himself from the former president, saying Trump had become “unrecognizable”: “The person I worked for was not the person I saw after the election.”

To the extent that he speaks to Trump after the election, he is a “friend”, asking “is he okay?”

Haley told Republican voters about Trump’s fraud in rejecting the election results, saying “everyone lied” and convinced Joe Biden not to win the election.

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