Trump rejects testimony under oath in indictment

Trump rejects testimony under oath in indictment

Former US President Donald Trump has rejected a request from Democrats to swear in the Senate’s indictment of Republican incitement to invade Capitol.

This information was provided by Jason Miller, an adviser to the former US President. Although Democrats have not been able to force Trump to testify in his own indictment, it is an additional attempt to record the January 6 episode in the country’s history books.

On the day Congress certified Democrat Joe Biden to win the presidential election on November 3, 2020, many supporters of the then outgoing president went to the Capitol after a Trump speech opposing “fighting hell” and accepting the election results.

An insurgency attempt followed, with supporters of the president entering the Congress building and intercepting Biden’s certificate. The chapter forced Congressmen to leave the building. Five people died.

Democrats and some Republicans joined in criticizing Donald Trump’s performance, pointing to him as the moral writer of the uprising, so they continued with a process of poverty that had already been approved in the House of Representatives and went to the Senate.

Trump’s adviser called the dismissal process “unconstitutional.”

Separately, Trump’s lawyers saw this as a “public relations stunt.”

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States (USA), first faced two indictments.

The trial is set to begin next Tuesday.

One of the process managers, Representative Jamie Raskin, asked Trump to testify “either before or before the Senate hearing of his dismissal,” and under cross-examination, his conduct on Jan. 6, not soon after Monday. Thursday, February 11th.

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Ruskin argued that Trump questioned important facts in the case, “despite his clear and overwhelming evidence. [dele, Trump] Constitutional offense “.

In his speech, Ruskin noted: “In the light of the competition of your true accusations, I write to you before the Senate hearing or on January 6, 2021, to invite you to testify under oath of office.”

He also said that if Trump refuses to testify, prosecutors will use his denial against him in the trial. “In fact, although a president may mention concerns about being distracted from his official duties, this concern does not apply here, frankly,” he said.

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