Trump said he could investigate Louis DeJoy for GOP donations.

Trump said he could investigate Louis DeJoy for GOP donations.

“As long as he can prove he has done something wrong,” Trump said.

The president has defended Dee Joy as a “very respected person”, but his openness to the investigation contrasts with the strong backlash against other doubts about him or his inner circles throughout his administration.

A USPS spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Trump’s comments. DeJoy’s private spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

The allegations of funding the election have already been enough to highlight the eyebrows of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein. He said it was worth investigating on Sunday.

In a pair of tweets, Stein said, “It is illegal to reimburse someone directly or indirectly for a political donation. “Any credible allegations of this behavior must be investigated by the appropriate state and federal authorities. In addition to this, as attorney general, it is inappropriate for me to comment on specific issues at this time.”

Since his appointment in May, De Joy has been ignited by critics who say that former logistics company CEO and GOP Mega Donner treats the USPS as a private company rather than a public service. He faced special backlash in the name of cost savings in reports that he was shrinking infrastructure that seriously hampered the performance of services. House Democrats have accused DeJoy of disabling vote-by-mail, just as an unprecedented number of Americans were preparing to vote by mail because of the coronavirus pandemic.

DeJoy denial That his actions had partisan motives. stop There are more changes ahead of the election.

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before Leave the leadership USPS’ DeJoy and his wife were the main drivers of Republican fundraising in North Carolina. DeJoy’s wife Aldona Wos served as the Estonia ambassador under President George W. Bush and was appointed Trump’s ambassador to Canada.

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