Trump says he is not a fan of Megan and wishes Harry good luck.

Trump says he is not a fan of Megan and wishes Harry good luck.

President Donald Trump struck the Duchess of Sussex on Wednesday after participating in a Time 100 video of former Meghan Markle and Prince Harry urging Americans to vote.

American Megan says in the video every four years, elections are referred to as the most important elections in our lives. “But this is correct,” she stressed. “When we vote, our values ​​are executed and our voices are heard.”

Harry urged Americans to “reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity.”

Not to mention Trump or his Democratic contender Joe Biden by name, but some interpreted their remarks as criticizing Trump.

Trump was asked about the video at a White House press conference, and the reporter said that “essentially people were encouraging people to vote for Joe Biden.”

“I’m not a fan of her and I’m trying to say this. She probably heard that, but I wish Harry a lot of luck. He will need it,” said Trump.

The couple recently moved to a California home after announcing that they quit royal affairs and moved to North America, citing the intolerable intrusion and racist attitudes of the British media.

Meghan, the star of the TV legal drama’Suit’, married Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, in a luxurious wedding in Windsor Castle in May 2018. They have a young son named Archie.

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