Trump strikes last-minute nuclear weapons deal with Putin before election: report

Trump strikes last-minute nuclear weapons deal with Putin before election: report

President TrumpDonald John Trump North Korea Unveils Large Intercontinental Ballistic Missile At Military Parade Trump Adds Fauci To New Ad In Trump Campaign Says Trump Is No Longer Considered As A Risk Of COVID-19 Transmission Hopes to make a last minute nuclear weapons deal with the Russian President Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladi Mirovich Putin Washington May Begin Peace in Southern Caucasus Russia Records Record Number of Novel Coronavirus Infections Overnight Defense: Ministry of Defense Retraces Steps of Senior Officials After Coronavirus Positive Cases | Trump Suggests Gold Star Family Could Infect Him | The VP discussion presents a military topic. Before the November 3 election Axios reporting On sunday.

The United States and Russia have been negotiating nuclear negotiations over the past six months, with two presidents talking to each other over the phone. However, representatives of the two countries were not able to advance the talks in Vienna until recently.

U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Russian Chef Nikolai Patru met in Geneva on October 2nd, and the success of this meeting led Trump’s arms control envoy Marshall Billings Leah to visit Helsinki at the last minute and coordinate another trip to Asia Had to.

A source familiar with the debate said that the Axios Trump administration believes there is an agreement in principle that has been approved by Putin and Patrushev. Officials told the news media that the agreement would be completed within a week if the talks resume.

However, “there are still big differences in the approach, including the key elements of such an agreement,” said Sergei Liabkov, the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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The National Security Council did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The details of the negotiations were limited to specific officials, and one administration official told Axios to be discussed by members of the National Security Council and the highest level of the State Department, as well as some Senate Foreign Relations Committee members and national security groups.

In addition to the upcoming elections, the Trump administration is now hoping to meet the February 5 deadline with the expiration of New START, a nuclear weapons deal between Russia and the United States.

Putin and Democratic candidate Joe BidenJoe Biden Democratic polls show that neck-and-neck races brewed in the Florida House neighborhood of Nebraska could be pivotal for Biden in November. Both have expressed interest in extending the contract by five years.

However, Trump officials want to coordinate deals made in the Obama administration so that both sides can stop stockpiling nuclear warheads. The United States also wants Russia to pledge talks on nuclear weapons agreements, including China.

Billingslea said the United States will demand more if Russia rejects one before the election and Trump is reelected.

Rose Gottemoeller, chief US negotiator for New START, said “we can reach an agreement by tomorrow,” according to Axios.

“Trump has made it clear that he wants the deal to be done, and Putin will want to sign a deal with President Trump,” he said.

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