Trump urges Fox News reporter to be fired for reports of scandals killed in war | American news

Donald Trump’s derogatory remarks have now seen the President of the United States target one of his key areas of support. Fox news Reporter who reported the details of the scandal to be fired.

Atlantic magazine Publishing a story The reason Trump said he canceled a visit to a US military cemetery outside Paris in 2018 was because he thought the dead soldiers were “losers” and “stupidity.” Other media have confirmed the news and details of Trump’s insulting attitude toward the US military.

Among them is Jennifer Griffin, Fox News national security correspondent. Confirm In a Twitter thread where Trump called soldiers “stupid ones,” he asked why someone wanted to be a soldier and didn’t want to honor the dead war at the Aisne-Marne cemetery in France.

Amid fierce rejection of the story of the White House and Trump allies, Griffin’s report was nervous as it came from the generally trusted pro-Trump Fox News, where a host of conservative tendencies and Trump’s opinions in favor of Trump was a trusted cheerleader for the president. Would have rang.

in Twitter “We have to fire Jennifer Griffin for this kind of reporting,” Trump said. I didn’t even ask for a comment. Fox news buy it!”

The White House rejected the report so strongly that it was concerned about the impact of this scandal on military aid and conservative forces. Trump himself dismissed it as a politically motivated “fake”.

He said at the White House on Friday, “No one feels stronger about our soldiers, wounded warriors, our soldiers who died in war.” He said on Friday night, “It’s a scam.”

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First Lady Melania Trump Also weight, Rare political intervention, tweeting that the Atlantic story was “not true.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump’s Democratic contender, urged the news amid widespread accusations of Trump’s reported remarks. Biden referred to the alleged remarks as “disgusting” and that Trump was “not suitable for being commander-in-chief.”

“When my son volunteered to join the US Army and went to Iraq for a year, he wasn’t a fool when he received bronze stars and other commendations.

Boy, who died of brain cancer in 2015, was sent to Iraq in 2008.

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