Trump’s COVID-19 vaccine promises to be blown up by health experts before November 3

Trump's COVID-19 vaccine promises to be blown up by health experts before November 3

With US presidential elections imminent, health experts blew up Donald Trump’s COVID-19 vaccine before Election Day appointments. Trump and White House advisors have repeatedly said hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccines will be “ready” by Election Day.

But on October 30, three days before Election Day, doctors said the COVID-19 vaccination was just another false campaign promise. Medical experts, including molecular medicine professors Eric Topol and Dr. Anthony Fauci, said they were not expected to provide the vaccine until Election Day.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, have pledged to deliver vaccines “in the near future” starting the first week of March. In September, the president of the United States accused the FDA and CDC health experts of politics, saying, “I will get the vaccine sooner or later, even before a very special day.” Trump also continued to criticize health experts for the administration’s inability to oversee vaccine releases prior to November 3.

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Trump criticizes COVID-19 vaccine promise

Now just one day ahead of the elections, doctors criticized Trump’s continuing claims that a COVID-19 vaccine is imminent. Infectious disease expert and former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden said on Friday that deliberate misinformation makes this “the scariest Halloween.”

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Previously, the CDC had said that November 15th should be ready to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in the state. But independent medical advisers said it was a very eager date at best.

Several political critics have also criticized Trump’s election day vaccine promise as another unfinished political topic similar to the southern border wall. Trump repeated Friday that a safe vaccine would be delivered in just a few weeks, but Dr Renuga Vivekananda, an infectious disease doctor at CHI Health and University of Creighton, asked, “Where is the vaccine.”

With only a few hours of elections and more than 86 million votes already voted, time is tight for Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden to change the outline of the race around the incumbent’s treatment of the epidemic. Trump, who calls himself an optimist, said the United States is still “going back” from the outbreak, killing about 1,000 American citizens every day. The President of the United States said the vaccine would be delivered “in a few weeks,” although the vaccine has not yet been approved.

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