Trump’s finances are to be revealed. What is the risk?

Trump’s finances are to be revealed.  What is the risk?

Released yesterday, U.S. The Supreme Court ruling denied Donald Trump’s appeal, allowing the attorney’s office to obtain terabytes of financial and tax data from the former president’s eight years of life. The New York Times, which is conducting an independent investigation, after consulting with several experts, provides some answers on the next stages of the process.

The next phase of the Manhattan lawyer’s trial is set to begin this week, with “on the orders of the prosecuting attorney, Cyrus Vance goes to the Mazars USA office, where most of the public accounting (and therefore not at sea) Donald Trump, the former president, is seeking documents with years of financial and financial life.”

Then, with the help of financial experts, the Attorney General’s Office will “assess beforehand the range of possible offenses, which apply to Trump’s recent violations.” The American newspaper reports the investigation “In the area of ​​tax fraud, insurance and banking”.

The former president and senior executives of the former White House occupier, one of Donald Trump’s key debtors and key targets: Deutsche Bank, “one of the key partners and a loyal defender, asked for access to additional data such as Sans, the former president and” did everything to get away from him after the January 6 Capital invasion. ” , As revealed by the Washington Post at the time.

The main feature of the charge

Despite the fact that the indictment is still secret, the American newspaper “reported on the circumstances of the financial and financial frauds committed from Donald Trump’s assets: With its illegally raised value, the former president can borrow big, or sometimes months later, so that Trump does not have to pay high taxes on real estate because he is undervalued financially. ”

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The State Department said it would “understand the communication between the Trump organization and its insurers.” If fraud is suspected in the value of various assets ”, The New York Times adds.

Vance also supported the trans system, and said, “IMents related to consultation fees, some of them the eldest daughter of former President Ivanka Trump ”, NYT reveals. “The Trump family released several documents last month,” the Washington Post reports.

“Apart from the former president, it is not clear now whether the two sons of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump or their executives will be targets for prosecution.”

More tasks for one man

According to the American press, earlier this month, Vance appointed a valuable lawyer and retired magistrate Mark F. Pomeranz was also appointed to assist in the investigation. Pomarants “will organize the various subjects of the case and write a criminal framework using his experience in white collar crimes, which will be part of the trial.”

Vance hired FDI, a major real estate consultant, to assess fraud directly related to Trump’s assets, the NYT revealed last week.

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