Trump’s first public intervention since leaving the White House on the 28th

Trump's first public intervention since leaving the White House on the 28th

D.Former US President Donald Trump has already planned his first public intervention since leaving the White House a month ago.

According to CNN, the 45th US President will address the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando on Sunday, February 28.

According to sources close to Donald Trump, the former president will talk about “the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement,” as well as the “catastrophic policies” of immigration and his successor, Joe Biden.

These statements mark the first face-to-face intervention since Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential election, when Republicans are divided over how to stand in front of the former president.

According to CNN sources, Vice President Mike Pence was also invited to speak at the event, but he declined the invitation, the Politico newspaper reported. Still, organizers believe there is “more hope” in bringing the former leader to the committee.

The former head of state and businessman, after the Senate rejected his dismissal Rush spoke to Fox News, a pro-Republican television channel, four days after Limbaugh’s death., A conservative American radio star, in which he again rejected the results of the presidential election.

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