Trump’s Twitter account has extra protections, which could be why it didn’t get hacked

Trump’s Twitter account has extra protections, which could be why it didn’t get hacked

In yesterday’s massive attack on Twitter, some of the highest-profile accounts on the company, together with President Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates experienced their accounts hijacked to peddle bitcoin frauds. Notably, nonetheless, Donald Trump, potentially the most famous Twitter consumer of all, was untouched by the assault, and it could be simply because Twitter has implemented additional protections for his account.

In a deeply-described post on the attack, The New York Situations writes that Trump’s Twitter account has extra protection following “past incidents,” citing two anonymous resources — a senior White House official and a Twitter worker. The New York Periods didn’t specify what those people past incidents have been, but they could refer to the November 2nd, 2017 incident the place a rogue staff deactivated Trump’s account on his very last day at the firm. Trump’s account returned to Twitter 11 minutes later on.

A day just after the deactivation, Twitter claimed it had “implemented safeguards to avert this from taking place yet again.” The business did not elaborate even further. But The Wall Street Journal described at the time that Twitter had previously restricted the quantity of employees who could access Trump’s account next his inauguration. Those tools usually permit staff suspend or deactivate accounts, but do not let them tweet from those accounts, the WSJ mentioned.

Motherboard claimed that the people associated in Wednesday’s assault ended up sharing screenshots of a Twitter admin instrument evidently applied for the attack. And Twitter by itself has explained that its possess staff methods and applications ended up compromised. If people are also the very same methods that no extended experienced widespread entry to Trump’s account as of 2017, that could have built his account more complicated, if not extremely hard, to obtain from the admin device utilized by the attackers. It is also possible that Trump’s account was hardened even further after the rogue staff deactivated it in November 2017.

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Twitter hasn’t replied to a ask for for comment, so we can not exactly be absolutely sure that those people safeguards are what stopped the attackers from hijacking his account on Tuesday. In simple fact, it is not clear that the attackers even attempted. Either way, they didn’t get in, and that could have prevented an previously pretty negative predicament from receiving even even worse.

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