Turkish buildings collapsed in a strong Aegean earthquake

Turkish buildings collapsed in a strong Aegean earthquake

bear Earthquake Waved in the Aegean Sea Turkey and Greece. According to officials, several buildings were wrecked in Izmir in western Turkey, but there was no immediate information on the casualties.

Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency said Friday’s earthquake was registered at a scale of 6.6 in the center of 16.5 km (10.3 miles) of water in the Aegean Sea. Emergency authorities said they had sent search and rescue teams to Izmir.

The European-Mediterranean Earthquake Center revealed that the earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.9 with an epicenter 13 km (8 miles) northeast of the Greek island of Samos.

The United States Geological Survey recorded a scale of 7.0.

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Turkish media showed the remnants of a multi-storey building in the center of Izmir, and people climbed this building to begin rescue operations. Turkish media has shown that at least one woman is being helped by the rubble of a collapsed building. The acting was filmed in several locations in the center of Izmir.

Izmir Mayor Tunc Soyer told CNN Turk that about 20 buildings had collapsed. It is the third largest city in Turkey, with approximately 4.5 million inhabitants. The Turkish Interior Minister tweeted that six buildings in Izmir were destroyed. He said there were small cracks in some buildings in the other six states.

Governor Izmir said there was no immediate information on the casualties.

Turkish media reported that earthquakes occurred in the Aegean and Marmara regions, including Istanbul. Istanbul Governor said there were no reports of damage to the city.

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Earthquakes were also felt on islands in eastern Greece and in the Greek capital Athens. Greek media reported that Samos and other islanders had left their homes and some rockfalls were reported. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Turkey and Greece reported aftershocks. Earthquakes were also felt in Bulgaria.

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Greek seismologist Efthymios Lekkas told Greek state television ERT that it was still too early to tell whether this was a major earthquake, but he said it was possible.

Lekkas added that some damage has been reported in some areas of Samos.

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A tsunami warning was issued and residents of the Samos area were instructed to stay off the coastline. Water rose over the pier in Samos’ main port and flooded the streets.

Yiannis Stamoulis, regional governor of the Samos region, said there were no reports of injuries on the island. Residents were told to stay away from buildings as aftershocks continued to shook the area.

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