Tweet for the winners: Michigan fans are ready in part ways with Jim Harbaugh and others after the loss to Wisconsin

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh

Every week, Eleven Warriors dive into the tips of Ohio State coaches and players to bring you Bucky Nation’s #HotTax and Rampings. But since the COVID-19 eruption in Maryland sidelined the state of Ohio, we had to look elsewhere for entertainment.

Fortunately, Michigan advanced in a big way for Ohio State fans on Saturday.

While bucky fans rested on an unpleasant weekend break, the rest of the Big Ten advanced to the race for Indianapolis. Indiana beat Michigan 24-0 on the road against Ohio this Saturday. Ben State suffered a fourth defeat in several games when it fell 30-23 on the way to Nebraska. Northwest and Iowa had big wins to maintain their momentum in the Big Ten West Division title match.

But all eyes were on Ann Arbor in Michigan on Saturday night as the Wolverines feasted on a major time war for Wisconsin.

Michigan needed a win to avoid its first 1-3 start since 1967. The Jim Harbaugh team won two games from Ohio State and Indiana and neck and neck // Check Notes // Rudders Division crown for Big Ten East rights.

The Wolverines did not win Saturday night at the Big House. With an incredible 341 yards and five touchdowns against Wisconsin Michigan, Graham Mertz threw for two touchdowns on the 49-11 route.

Harbaugh’s team, on the other hand, suffocated. Starting the quarterback Joe Milton finished with 19 passes out of 9 for 98 passing yards, with no touchdowns against two interceptions. Milton was then replaced by Kate McNamara, who created only Michigan Touchdown, finishing 4-for-7 for 74 yards and making no interruptions.

Needless to say we have reached desperate times in Michigan. The clock is ticking, and with so many failed games on the schedule, the Wolverines are looking at the barrel of the first lost season of the Harbaugh era.

The Aborigines are restless, and they are ready to move beyond the state of Ohio and the coach who must elevate their program toward the dominance of college football.

Let’s mention.

Jim Harbaugh

Scrolling through the notes of Michigan was a strange experience for me. I was scared to mention the biggest names in the state of Ohio for years, but Wolverine fans brought with it the heat I didn’t experience as their group was buried Saturday night.

Just minutes before the start of the game, this tweet came. Not a good indicator of what is coming.

Before and after football again and very uninteresting.

I would not have included this tweet if I had not had the same thought many times in the last six years.

This is awkward.

I assure you that this is a very polite tweet that called for Harbor to be removed on Saturday night. And there were many. I can’t say that “every other tweet” calls for his work because it happened more often than not. Could not put R-rated tweets here because my mom is reading this article. Hello Mom.

Say it out loud to those behind you.

Shish, good to pick up.

Liquidize this tweet and burn it in my veins.

If I had the ability to recreate the Mona Lisa painting, I.

You have to resign.

You need to retire.

You must be removed.

You have to leave.

You hate to see it.

During the years I watched notes from Ohio state coaches and players, I never saw the amount of vitriol I enjoyed diving into these Michigan notes.

Based on the tone of the tweets, I found myself doing well in the second half of Harpock’s notes. I did not reach the moment when Wisconsin reached the 28-0 first half lead.

As the score piled up, Michigan fans and spectators alike rallied.


Me too, sweet Michigan fan.

Lose games of matter, frankly.

The box of shame is inevitable and demands justice.

It’s gone, everything. not that.


Are you suggesting that Cuttis does not have the best judgment in difficult game-calling situations?

# Blueprint completed.

Ringing approval.

All uselessness.

Dan Brown

// Bad store dot gif … //

// More abyss dot gif bad view … //

It was resolved very quickly.

For recycling purposes, or …?

Oh. Or that.

When you leave it at that, it looks bad.

The Big Ten travels to the Michigan Rutgers for the next-to-last rights battle before hosting the undefeated Ben State in the Division Ten race. The Wolverines arrive in Maryland before heading to Ohio for the regular season final.

Congratulations to all three men Mentioned Above.

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