Tweets about keeping the Kardashians ending

Tweets about keeping the Kardashians ending

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The show has been airing since 2007 and the next season will be on the 21st.

Twitter has of course lost its mind, so here is the best response to the news.


Some were just discouraged.


Others were finally at peace.


Many did not know what to feel.


Although some doubted the feasibility of the announcement:

Both false alarms, they didn’t speak the Bible! @BTS_twt lol lol lol lol lol


Some have just become mysterious.


Some of the Kourtney (recent leave Show) cause:

Kourtney Kardashian said she will not be participating in KUWTK’s next season. And a few months later they announced that the next season will be the final season… KOURTNEY is the family’s ZAYN


This guy was happy that Rob and Kourtney were free.

The Kardashians: I have a heavy heart to say goodbye to KUWTK. It was a wonderful 14 years and 20 seasons and thank you so much for every precious moment-Kourtney and Rob:


It’s sad that many of us have lost their wish fulfillment to see Kardashian/Jenners.


And the amazing distraction it gave us in everyday life:


Others are ready to learn and grow from this.

Me, I prepared a book on Kris Jenner’s business and how to build a multi-million dollar empire.


Many have hypothesized how Kourtney should feel because Kourtney’s desire to leave the show was the plot of the season.


There are people who are wondering what her immediate reaction is.


And others are happy for her.


Others have wondered what Kris will do next.

Chris Jenner might be fine, but Chris, I have a career aptitude here. Quiz If you are interested.


Some have Kris Real housewives franchise:


Another man finally went after her dream Broadway:

Kris Jenner will finally have time to make her Broadway debut!


Alternatively, you can take on the role of the manager of another family.

Kris Jenner is on her way to finding new kids to film her encounter with the Kardashians with #KUWTK.


Some people look forward to the inevitable reboot of the series with a new generation of Kardashian/Jenners.

Whatever happens next, we definitely won’t see it. Catching Up The Kardashians (At least not after 2021). Say goodbye to E!’s greatest show. You will miss it.

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