Twitch blocks the words ‘Simp’ and ‘Virgin’

Twitch blocks the words 'Simp' and 'Virgin'

Twitch forbids words simply and virgin (real sims and virgins are still welcome)

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As a part of Ongoing Process Reset Its principles Around the harassment and abusive behavior, Twitch on Wednesday “Simp,” “Incel,””And“ Virgin ”are no longer allowed on stage As long as they are used Contempt for streamers and commentators. If they are used in a friendly way, the words are used correctly.

In a statement, a Twitch spokesman said On the edge The site is planned Take action against the use of those termsEspecially when they are used to negatively refer to another person’s sexual practices. ” Using the rules on its own so as not to seriously insult other users, the spokesman added, Does not lead to enforcement, But we will take action if they are used in a harassing manner again and again.

The new rules will be official Go to practice January 22, and even Include strict policies Around sexual harassment. Other new behaviors that are prohibited include “Publishing insulting statements about another person’s sexual practices or sexual morality”And Repeatedly targeting another person with sexually explicit words such as “whore” or ‘virgin’. “

Wednesday afternoon during the live-stream downhall, Words like Twitch COO Sarah Clemens, “Simp,” Incel, “and” Virgin “are not particularly allowed because they are often allowed Used to mean “insults to negatively refer to another person’s sexual activity”.Clemens also noted that the stage monitors emotions, a Traction-Best package Emoticons, for prohibited terms, will remove them when reported.

In June, Twitch said it was After the site “We are committed to continuing our efforts to make Twitz a safer environment” Finally began to calculate With Complaints of sexual harassment and hateful content have long been a victim.

Although evaluators have no say in how the new ban will be implemented, they will cut jobs for them; D.A lot of people here call each other sims.

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