Uber & Lift awarded 10 810 million federal contract

Uber & Lift awarded 10 810 million federal contract

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A bad and Success in the end Uber Technologies Inc. and Lift Inc. have been rewarded with a $ 810 million government contract to campaign to avoid paying wages at all costs to kick workers in California.

Under the five-year agreement released by the Public Service Administration on Monday, the riding companies Get involved in providing transportation for 4 million federal employees and their families.

“Expanding our client base to include government is a natural next step for us, and we are proud to help federal agencies address the enormous management challenges they face,” said Ronnie Kurian, global head of Uber for Business.

Although federal employees have used private ride-hello services to travel in the past, the new agreement formalizes that relationship, Uber and Lift allow people to promote their services directly within government services.

The deal was first tentatively announced in April Charlotte Fellon, The Federal Acquisition Service assistant commissioner for travel, transportation and logistics, Wrote In a blog post That Uber and the elevator were open Some discount Surcharge, There was also the agency Was able to negotiate a substantial discount with ride-worship Companies Comparable What Big business customers will usually get.

GSA’s new government-wide Rightshare / Ride-Hail BPAs will modernize official travel and make it easier and cheaper to use RightShare services for official travel. ”No new apps to download – no paper receipts to lose. ”

Said Veronica Juarez, vice president of social organization and government Reuters The deal would be the culmination of a nearly four-year negotiation process. Although he declined to say how much the company valued as a result of the deal, Juarez noted it U.S. government spending on land transportation ranks first About 200 million Every year.

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