UFA launches “Outraged” film, a documentary on various forms of discrimination International football

UFA launches "Outraged" film, a documentary on various forms of discrimination  International football

The UEFA released the documentary “Outraged” on Monday, highlighting the various forms of discrimination in football. There is evidence from players and coaches involved in this film, such as Megan Robino of the United States, Paul Pogba of Manchester United, and Jose Mourinho of Tottenham.

It is everyone’s responsibility to get rid of discrimination.

– Megan Robino, in an interview with the documentary

– Discrimination is the biggest problem in football today. We have to end this – announced the French midfielder Pogba.

During an interview with Paul Pogba for the documentary “Outrage” – Photo: Reproduction

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According to the documentary, 54% of fans worldwide saw racist abuse while watching a professional football game. In the UK, 39% of fans in the interview saw or heard of a discrimination.

About 40 players and coaches who attended the last Women’s Football World Cup in 2019 were gay. However, there are no recognized homosexuals in the major leagues in Europe. Fortunately, Major League Soccer (MLS), America’s premier football championship, is making progress in this direction.

– I wanted to come out as a player because I knew it would make a big impact, but my close friends thought it would be a bad idea. So it took me so long to be brave. The most intimidating environment is the locker room, because your team players are where you talk about the game – now announced German Thomas Hitsberger, head of Stuttgart.

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Picture of the UEFA documentary “Outrage” about discrimination in football – Photo: Reproduction

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