UFC’s Tony Ferguson wants to fight again in 2020, hinting at a rise to welterweight.

UFC's Tony Ferguson wants to fight again in 2020, hinting at a rise to welterweight.

Tony Ferguson Whether you’re wrestling, grappling or boxing, you’ll want to fight again in 2020.

The UFC lightweight star said in a video interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, released on Wednesday, that he would like to compete before the end of the year if he gets decent rewards. Ferguson fell Justin Gaeje In the mid-term title match held at UFC 249 on May 9, the promotion’s first counterattack after being suspended for almost two months due to the coronavirus epidemic.

This defeat was 12 consecutive wins and was Ferguson’s first defeat since 2012. But Ferguson said he was in a better position than at the time and was ready to return.

“I will compete,” Ferguson said. “People will see me being active in some way.”

Ferguson said it will be open to other ventures such as: Chael SonnenSubmission of Underground or Wrestling Underground Fighting Events tied up with a rival bout on October 24th Dustin for Irie However, the fight did not bear fruit. Poirier said last month that he couldn’t sign a deal with UFC.

Ferguson told ESPN that he never had an official contract with the UFC. That fight or a fight against the new signer and former Bella Thor champion Michael Chandler.

“[UFC president] Dana [White] “He wanted to go out there and say’Tony is going to fight this,'” said Ferguson. Brother, we are not friends. I have never said that we are friends. Is it just business? I’m there when you need me. … Seriously, man, I am a contractor, I do my job. I love you, family. I love UFC and all of it. But I am not just a piece of meat. “

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UFC Lightweight Champion Kaviv Nur-Mago Medov He plans to consolidate his title in a match against Gaethje at UFC 254 later this month. White is trying another fight against Ferguson on SI.com earlier this week, and if he wins, Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje said he could fight for the winner and light title.

The bout between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson was booked five times and broke each time. The two were supposed to fight for an uncontroversial title at UFC 249, but Nurmagomedov left a training camp in California to return to his home in Dagestan, Russia at the time of the pandemic, due to a misunderstanding of the UFC and where the event will be held. . Ferguson fought the entity instead.

White told SI.com, “If Khabib beats Gaethje, Tony Ferguson will have another fight.” And hopefully the fight against Khabib happens because people know they want to see it.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a fight break down as much as the two. I’m almost afraid to fight again. What will happen? Asteroids are coming to Earth? That’s bad.”

Ferguson said he wanted to fight Nurmagomedov “because fans want to see it”. But Ferguson said he would not wait for it to happen. Ferguson tweeted in support of Nurmagomedov when champion’s father Abdulmanap died in July.

He doesn’t want to hurt his rivals, but now “it’s back in business,” Ferguson said.

“I don’t wait for anyone,” said Ferguson. “Khabib, he can retire. He can do anything he can do anything he wants. I won’t hold his hand. I’m there for him as a brother with arms folded arms across the mat. Will be on. I can tell.”

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If there’s no clear path for him in light weights, Ferguson could go up to welterweight or even middleweight for other potential matchups.

“I got [welterweight] And I have a frame to go up. [middleweight]“I like to go out there and compete,” Ferguson said. Everyone forgets that I used to knock everyone down at the age of 170. “

Ferguson believes that Nurmagomedov stepped into the early days of the pandemic and solidified the UFC even when he was no longer an opponent. He hopes to be recognized from a monetary and respectful standpoint. But he knows the cold truth of fighting games.

“You are as good as the last fight,” said Ferguson.

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