UGA’s Wednesday news and notes

UGA's Wednesday news and notes

Smart on Salyer’s Left Tackle Debut

Jamaree Salyer Debuted in a left-tackle against Arkansas last Saturday, and overall coach Kirby Smart I was happy with what he saw.

“Jamaree did a good job. I thought he helped lead the group. He probably has a little more experience than others,” Smart said at the SEC teleconference on Wednesday. “He is still a relatively new position. He worked really hard.”

Salyer’s two previous starts came from the Bulldogs’ right-hand tackle, including the team’s Sugar Bowl win against Baylor.

This, according to Rivals, was named America’s Best Guard after graduating from Pace Academy in Atlanta.

But after a good friend and former teammate (both high school and UGA) Andrew Thomas left, Salyer was moved to the left tackle, and for the remainder of the year he became his hometown on the Bulldogs’ attack line.

“As the level of competition rises, it will be more and more challenging. I know it’s one of the toughest places in the SEC. No one is perfect there. We lost two first-round players at the edge, and we know it’s a hard-to-play league when it comes to it,” Smart said. “But he played really hard, he is conscientious about it, and he plays against really good pass rushers every day in practice.”

More quarterback stories

Wide receiver Kearis Jackson Didn’t give me a hint of who would be quarterback on Saturday. However, everyone will need more help from team members.

“I felt that I wasn’t good at making men comfortable. This week was different. Every quarterback came out with a different attitude. One will be ready and the other will be better,” Jackson said after practice on Wednesday. “Everyone knows that our performance last week has not been tolerated. This week we have to go out and play fast and do everything the right way.”

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Jackson’s remarks are identical to those of Smart, who were once again asked about his quarterback at the SEC teleconference.

After addressing the subject on Monday and Tuesday, one national reporter’s first question at the SEC teleconference was about the pecking sequence between Stetson Bennett, D’Wan Mathis and JT Daniels for the Saturday match.

Smart and clearly did not bite.

“With D’Wan, he works and keeps getting better. He is growing into a player and is learning from mistakes,” said Smart. “But we’re trying to make the players around us play better. It’s about helping him succeed,” Smart said. “The same goes for JT. He continues to work. He is doing a great job. I’m glad he was licensed. He can play now and I’m happy to see what he does.”

Injury update

On Tuesday, Smart provided an update on the tight end’s injury status. Tre Mack Kitty Aggressive lineman Clay web.

After arthroscopic surgery three weeks ago, McKitty has a chance to make his bulldog debut against Auburn after missing an opening match against Arkansas.

Meanwhile, Webb is questionable since Smart considered it an ankle injury.

On Wednesday, Smart was asked about the wide receiver Tommy Bush, who traveled Arkansas. Although he didn’t give a specific reason, Smart pointed out that the absence of Bush was actually related to health.


“It depends on how deep you need to get into the injury or something like that. There are 5 guys we feel comfortable with. The good thing is that young players are getting a lot of repetitions. Because Kenny was trapped in the camp, he was able to recover Kendall (Milton) and Daijun (Edwards) even more. I have a lot of confidence in all five of them. They work hard and do good things every day. I am not saying that I will play all five games in every game, but I am confident in all five. – Smart how deep he goes with the running bag.

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“He did a great job. He worked really hard and that was one of his goals for the year. Obviously he was able to fit more people in ten, and thanks to his really good catcher play, he was able to do so.” – Smart to Jake Camarda’s Saturday show.

“I’ll think so. I always think so. In coaching, that’s and that’s the way. When coaching against the school you attended or attended, I always said this. Of course yes, it doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t want, we wanted a lot of people and we won! You play with chips on your shoulders because it’s your hometown and maybe there’s more family in the game. Sometimes, always in the case of Auburn, you surely have kids closer to Athens than Auburn. Not always. Yes, I definitely think so. It won’t be different from the kids on our list in Alabama.” – Auburn’s Georgia player is smart about motivating the game.

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