UK bans use of filters in beauty advertising – Vogue

UK bans use of filters in beauty advertising - Vogue

Kim Kardashian (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

It’s official: UK digital influencers have been told they can no longer use “deceptive” filters in beauty ads. According to the regulations of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the use of these devices can mislead the consumer about the quality of the product.

In the decision, it was explained that filters can “exaggerate the effect of a cosmetic”, since they are able, for example, to change the texture of the skin. “You are giving the wrong impression of what the items disclosed are capable of accomplishing,” the ASA statement says. Any ads that violate these rules will be removed and will no longer be able to appear on the platforms.

Kim Kardashian (Photo: Reproduction)

Kim Kardashian (Photo: Reproduction)

The new move is a response to the #filterdrop campaign, which asks brands and influencers to reveal whether or not they use filters on the cosmetics they promote. Sasha Pillari, the 29-year-old influencer who launched the campaign, told the BBC she was “in the clouds”. She added, “I think the detrimental effect this has on social media users has finally been taken seriously and it’s a big step in the right direction on how filters are used and how cosmetics are used. are announced. Online “.

Pillari said it was a topic she loved for ‘a long time’ and that she receives messages every day from women who feel they can’t meet the unreal beauty standards seen on social media.

In making its decision, ASA looked at two examples where a filter was added to videos advertising tanning products. He said the advertisements “deceptively exaggerate the effect the product was capable of achieving.”

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An ASA spokesperson added: “We continue to focus on our work in this area to raise awareness of the rules and support influencers with the guidance and tools they need to help them run their ads properly. . We also work closely with social media platforms who can and will enforce our decisions when an advertiser is unwilling or unable to work with us. “

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