UK court declares Uber drivers self-employed

UK court declares Uber drivers self-employed

According to Efe, the judges concluded that the workers of the company should have access to all “fundamental rights” as well as “paid vacation”. Consequently, Uber will have to pay nearly 12,000 pounds (13,834 euros) to each of its employees.

The platform appealed to the Supreme Court after losing this case in lower courts, after a 2016 labor court ruled that the company’s drivers provide their services as workers, not as as subcontractors.

The Supreme Court ruling recognizes drivers as workers and not as employees, who under UK law enjoy greater labor rights.

In this way, he denies that they are self-employed, as Uber argues.

The move was celebrated by unions such as GMB, which said in a statement that it was a “historic victory”, calling on Uber to “stop wasting time and money on issues legal lost “.

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