UK court stops Epic Games from challenging Apple ban

UK court stops Epic Games from challenging Apple ban

The saga between Epic Games and Apple continues firmly through the courts. The game maker recently filed a complaint in Europe against Apple’s application fees.

However, a UK court prevented Epic Games from challenging Apple’s Fortnite ban.

UK: Epic Games Cannot Challenge Apple's Fortnite Ban

The tribunal antitrust of the United Kingdom, known as the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), decided Monday that Epic Games will not be allowed to continue its action against Apple Inc in the British country. Thus, the creator of Fortnite will not be able to challenge in the United Kingdom the decision of the Apple brand to ban the popular game from the App Store.

This war between the two companies began in August 2020, when Epic tried to bypass Apple's 30% rate on apps. The publisher wanted to avoid this payment by creating its own payment system in Fortnite, which led the Cupertino company to ban the game from its store.

At that time, in addition to Apple, Google also banned the title from Google Play, for the same reasons.

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The UK court said Epic Games' lawsuit against Google could go ahead. However, he believes the United States will be the best place to resolve issues with Apple.

In turn, Epic has already responded to this decision and, in a statement, said that:

Epic will reconsider the follow-up to its case against Apple in the UK following the resolution of the case in the US.

A Reuters said neither Apple nor Google wanted to comment on this issue. Therefore, it is believed that the possible resolution of this case is not forthcoming. And the companies concerned certainly have several months of court visits.

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