UK studies ‘vaccine passport’ to enter pubs and supermarkets | Economy

UK studies 'vaccine passport' to enter pubs and supermarkets |  Economy

Brits who do not get vaccinated can stay out of commercial establishments
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Brits who do not get vaccinated can stay out of commercial establishments

THE United Kingdom
is studying the possibility of using a vaccination passport
in the country. The document would be used to allow entry into commercial establishments, such as pubs and supermarkets, only for people who have already been vaccinated. The information came from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab, in an interview with LBC radio on Sunday (14).

The statement that the document
envisaged in the country after a series of government refusals. According to the government press office, consulted by the Daily Mail, vaccine passports “are not taken into account internally”. According to the government, the document would be considered “discriminatory”.

For the government, the vaccination passport would only be used for international travel
, proving to other countries that British citizens have received the vaccine. Countries like Spain have said they will allow vaccinated Britons to enter.

According to Raab, however, the document could also be used in the UK. Asked about it on the radio, the politician replied that “this is something that has not been ruled out. It is under consideration. But of course you have to make it viable.”

“You should know that the document presented is something that you can trust,” the minister said.

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