UK wants Cornwall G7 summit to focus on health and climate

UK wants Cornwall G7 summit to focus on health and climate

Fheads of government britThey explained today that the UK’s intention is to strengthen the role of the G7 as a forum of great democracies and added that the reincorporation of the Russian Federation, expelled in 2014, after annexing the Crimea, nor does it occur.

Speak to journalist Enrique Rubio, give EFE, these fountains in Downing Street, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson is located, argued that the priority britanica, more than coordinating the immediate response to the crisis pandemic, is to prepare the international community for future health crises, which requires a better warning system or greater scientific coordination.

The other priority is the climate, as the UK will organize itself in Glasgow, November, the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC, in the acronym).

“About the G7 yes Cornwall it will be a springboard for the COP in Glasgow. The UK hopes to leave this year as superpower scientific ”, was the wish expressed by the sources.

A third axis of the top, fixed by the britaNicos, will be that of “prosperity”, with what they expect discuss “freer and fairer” international trade.

Johnson especially wishes to underline the confluence of the values ​​of the countries gathered in the G7, namely Germany, Canada, United States, France, Italy, Japan and United Kingdom.

Australia, South Korea and India. Although London alludes to a possible D10 (ten democracies) to designate this new group, sources of Rubio clarified that it was not a question of formally changing the G7 as an organization, but of working “more closely” with other countries.

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For Johnson, there’s a lot at stake at the summit, which will take place in Carbis Bay, between 11 and 13 June.

Not only is this the first time, if all goes according to plan, that the leaders of the richest democracies in the world see personally since the appearance of coronavirus, as did the UK’s international launch after all ties with the European Union (EU) ended.

London intends to demonstrate that “the Brexi (designation of the process of leaving the EU) is not a disaster geostrategicbut rather what people britPico chose in a referendum “, according to these sources, who argued that” leaving the EU is not leaving Europe “.

If French President Emmanuel Macron took advantage of the group’s last summit in 2019 in Biarritz, AT design internationally, Downing Street points out that Johnson will have the opportunity to do the same.

“Each leader uses the summit they organize as an opportunity to promote their priorities. Cornwall it will be a platform for the UK to promote its values, ”they said.

The top will get even bigger raiseancia if the elected president of United States, Joe Biden, is present, in what would be his first trip to the Old Continent in his new role.

After the close relationship with Donald Trump, Downing Street is now focusing on areas where there is Johnson convergence with Biden, namely the area of ​​climate change.

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