UN report: Humanity is in an “unprecedented moment”

UN report: Humanity is in an "unprecedented moment"

A new UN report on human development says our species face the dire future of our own production.

Large image: The COVID-19 epidemic – which appeared to be natural, but man-made disaster in every way – is the most recent signal that we are firmly in humanity, a new era in which humans are the most powerful force on earth. The next thing is up to us.

whats going on: The 2020 Human Development Report – Released earlier this week – The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) marks the 30th anniversary of the assessment of the overall condition of humanity.

  • Short version: This is not good, COVID-19 explains the pressures we have exerted on the planet – as UNDP executive Achim Steiner writes “the pressures that have grown exponentially over the last 100 years”.
  • Beyond the direct costs of infection, COVID-19 has turned human development upside down, reducing social mobility and increasing social instability.
  • Climate change – the obvious and biggest challenge posed by anthropology – continues to accelerate and is likely to slow to 2020 The hottest year on record.

Note: The danger and promise of humanity are very clear Existential Risks, Catastrophic risks threatening the future of human civilization.

  • While we are always confronted with rare but powerful cosmic threats such as asteroids, today “the hegemonic dangers of its survival come from humanity itself.” Writes In the report by existential hazard scholar Toby Art.
  • But the same force that causes existential hazards in form Nuclear war Or Bioengineering epidemiology That is, “the future of mankind is largely under the control of humanity” – we are prepared to take those risks We are more serious than we are today.
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Underline: For better or worse, we will be our own future teachers.

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