Understand why the Mortar system’s shadow nemesis does not appear in other games

Understand why the Mortar system's shadow nemesis does not appear in other games

When Middle Earth: Shadows of Mortar Launched at the beginning of the last generation, its main difference is the excellent system called the “Nemesis System”. At the time, many expected other developers to try to copy the idea created by Monolith, thanks to its ability to tell rich stories throughout the adventure.

But, with the exception of a less detailed version of this system, it is seen by existing mercenaries Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, No game came too close to be seen Shadows of Mortor / da Guerrero. Now, the reason for this seems to be revealed.

Game Maker’s Toolkit YouTube channel released a new video yesterday that explores how the Nemesis system works and how it builds its stories. In the middle of the video, it was revealed that the monolithic system was patented by WB Games, which can be seen here The document is available online.

So, the reason why this system is not copied is very simple: other developers avoid implementing something similar for fear that there will be legal restrictions that WB might play against them.

Despite rumors circulating online for years, other WB games did not take advantage of this patent. Therefore, if Monolith does not decide to use them in its next games, it is unlikely that we will see anything implemented as seen in games in the Middle-Earth series.

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