Unilops’ position on Nuno Mendes and Sporer tests: the processed models have no lab error – Sport

Unilops' position on Nuno Mendes and Sporer tests: the processed models have no lab error - Sport

In the Alliance Cup, F.C. A few hours before the match with Porto, the false positives of Nuno Mendes and Sporar were even more talked about.

“The tests carried out by Unilever Portugal are carried out with the highest international standards. Our laboratory in Portugal is one of the references at the European level. Tests are performed in Portugal for many European countries. Recognizes and researches the Rd, Rp and N genes of specific viruses This process is evaluated by internal sample control, positive control and negative control as a means of quality control.Experimental testing promoted by the Ricardo George Institute (INSA) and Instant (Germany) Continues to do so and always gets the maximum classification, “explained Unilaps official sources Registration.


There is evidence for the game that Unilaps accepted false positives

“In the case that Sporting Club de Portugal brought to the public, we assume that there was no laboratory error in the Unilops Portugal processed models, which we have been working with SCP for several months. We recall false positives and false negatives. They acknowledge that “false positives are rare and rare, but often occur in individuals undergoing routine testing.”

“A decision that can be considered false positive is not a laboratory error, it is a clinical decision that involves many variables and clinical information in addition to the laboratory results,” they added.

“Unileps will continue to cooperate with health officials and its partners in all areas of Portugal to help clarify these situations, including testing one of the most important weapons in controlling the epidemic and breaking the transmission chains. “They decided.

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