UNITED STATES. Cousins ​​find and ‘hunt’ 5-meter python on property

UNITED STATES.  Cousins ​​find and 'hunt' 5-meter python on property

UA man, who was quietly moving around his property in Zolfo Springs, Florida, USA, found a huge python on the ground. The snake, nearly five meters long, led the American to call for his cousin for help.

In statements to Fox13NewsAaron said he was “driving very close to her.” “I thought, ‘What a big snake!’ I had my mother with me and she said, “Well, go get her.”

Unconvinced, the man replied to the mother that if the reptile “caught” him, the woman would not be able to help him. It was then that he decided to call his relative, William.

After moments of fighting with the animal, Aaron, William and his son, Hunter, managed to stop him. “We measure it and put it down with the children next to us to get a rough idea [do tamanho]”William told the same post.” We run in these areas all the time and we have never encountered anything this great, ”he added.

The python, one of the largest ever found in this region, was 4.8 meters long and weighed 136 kilograms.

To find out what to do with the animal, the family called Snake Hunter Dusty Crum. After being examined, the specialist found 100 eggs inside.

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