United States. “Furman” was arrested and released on bail. He is the son of a judge

United States.  "Furman" was arrested and released on bail.  He is the son of a judge

Oh A man who was photographed inside the Capitol last Wednesday, wearing fur, wearing a police uniform and shield, was arrested yesterday and released on bail after being charged with four federal offenses.

Aaron Mostofsky, 34, the son of a prominent New York judge, was arrested by U.S. Federal Police (FBI) this morning at a brother’s home in Brooklyn. An ABC News.

A few hours later, he was arraigned in federal court, where prosecutors described his actions as “a riot and turmoil within the Capitol.”

Mostofsky faces four charges: theft of government property, trespassing into a restricted building, disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill with intent to prevent activity, and trespassing on property.

Aaron Mostofsky appeared in court in Brooklyn on Tuesday.Via Getty Images © Angela Weiss / AFP

Jeffrey Schwartz, the attacker’s lawyer, argued that the images captured at the scene showed that his client was not part of the riot and that he was “caught in the middle” of the chaos. “He understands that things are completely out of control,” he said.

The judge agreed to release Mostofsky on $ 100,000 bail.

Recall that an investigation into the January 6 riots in Capitol by the FBI offices of Washington, Dallas and Memphis and the United States Capitol Police is ongoing.

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