United States. Republican Congressman Joe Biden began the process of dismissal

United States.  Republican Congressman Joe Biden began the process of dismissal

During a change of administration, some people abandon the ship of the outgoing president, and there are those loyal to Donald Trump who dedicate their lives to guaranteeing loyalty and a future. This is the position of Marjorie Taylor Green, a recently elected member of the Georgia Congress.

An unconditional supporter of the doctrine found in the outgoing man who came to earth to save America from the revealed underground conspiracy. QAnon Community, Eroding the system of God-chosen country as the best in the world, Green promised to make life harder for the next administration.

For this purpose, before it was too late, the Congresswoman announced that she would be collecting all the articles she needed to begin a process of poverty as soon as she took office for President-elect Joe Biden.

One Tweet Green notes from his Twitter account that articles for the impeachment will begin on January 21, the day after the new president takes office.

Champion of dismissal processes, Since he is the only president of the United States, two of them were against him at one time, Trump was voted in by the House of Representatives in a case that was accused of “inciting insurgency” following an attack on the Capitol by his supporters last week.

Some of the Republicans who were filmed capturing Capitol were outraged to be trapped in unmasked videos into the room, which must be mandatory. The Congresswoman, who represents the 14th congressional district of Georgia, is one of the unmasked Republicans.

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