United States supports civil society initiatives to fight corruption in Angola

United States supports civil society initiatives to fight corruption in Angola

The US State Department has announced the opening of a tender to fund projects to support the fight against corruption of civil society groups and the independent press.

The initiative aims to follow the fight against corruption after, as the note says, that President João Lourenço has made “impressive progress” in his anti-corruption agenda.

The competition was launched by the State Department’s Office of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) and claims the goal is to reduce corruption in Angola.

The initiative aims to help “Angolan civil society and the media have the knowledge, tools and access to investigate and monitor corruption”.

In addition, adds the note, the outcome of the program aims to “bring Angolan citizens to better understand the current anti-corruption reforms in the country” and to advocate for these reforms “so that civil society has a greater great ability to safely investigate corruption ”.

The DRL underlines that “in the last two years, President João Lourenço has made great progress in the implementation of the anti-corruption program” and that, in this fight, the Angolan government “has fought the power of the elites who appropriate public resources for their own benefit ”.

However, the note adds, “many challenges remain and corruption is still prevalent” and highlights payments which “are an integral part of business activities in Angola, including in the justice system”.

“This poses a real risk for the reforms in Angola in the next two years”, according to the State Department, which warns that the decentralization of power with the scheduled municipal elections “will produce new opportunities for corruption”.

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To face these challenges and take advantage of this positive moment, the DRL is soliciting proposals for programs likely to reduce corruption in Angola, through the provision of means, tools and access to Angolans to monitor corruption, advocacy for reforms, such as the implementation of the High Law on the Authority against Corruption, adherence to the Voluntary Principles Initiative or reforms aimed at preventing corruption in new local administrations

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