United uses a young blonde flight attendant on NFL flights.

United uses a young blonde flight attendant on NFL flights.

United Airlines NFL and fellow sports charter flights According to a lawsuit filed on Friday by two veteran flight attendants, they are more called “young white, blond/blue eyes, female employees” than others.

Litigation alleged The company values ​​workers According to the lawsuit reported by Bloomberg’s Robert Burnson, “It’s entirely about stereotypes about their racial and physical characteristics and sexual attraction.

The discrimination case was brought before the California Superior Court in San Mateo County.

Participants say the NFL Charter assignments are discriminatory.

Sharon Tesler and Kim Guillory Said in the suit They tried to be assigned to a working sports charter flight. One of them is a black woman who has worked at United for 28 years and the other is a Jewish woman who has worked at the company for 34 years.

According to the report, the supervisor said it would not be assigned because it was not included in the “Preferences” list based on team preferences.

They later found out that the women on the list were all young, white, blonde, and, according to Bloomberg, had fewer seniors.

United Airlines has adopted and continues to implement procedures designed to ensure that “young white, blonde/blue-eyed female employees are eligible for positions through the charter program, while black and Jewish employees such as plaintiffs are not. ,” they said in complaint.

They are looking for financial losses.

United: Sports charter work assigned based on performance

United Airlines has a charter flight contract with the NFL team. (AP photo/Mel Evans)

United Airlines released a comment via Bloomberg on Saturday.

“I can’t comment on this ongoing lawsuit, but the crew included in the sports team charter program represents the entire crew population in terms of age and race,” the company said. “Importantly, the eligibility of a flight attendant to charter flight is based entirely on performance and attendance and is not related to age, race or gender.”

I also told Bloomberg that the average age of a sports team charter crew is 46 and the average tenure is 19. “In the sports team charter program, there is a higher percentage of African Americans than the total number of crew,” Bloomberg said.

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Numbers are for all charters made up of NFL, MLB and NCAA teams. they Better task This is because the crew can earn more money and receive perks like prime tickets and infield passes.

The NFL season began Thursday with defender Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs beating Houston Texas. The first match is on Sunday.

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