UP businessman who accused an IPS officer died of bullet injury

Manilal Patidar, an officer, has not yet been arrested. (file)


A businessman in Uttar Pradesh, who accused Indian policeman Manila Fatida of extortion, was shot dead at Kanpur Hospital. He was found shot in the neck in an Audi car earlier this month on a highway near the town of Mahova, State, and had been fighting his entire life in the intensive care unit.

Prominent businessman Indra Kant Tripati, who was involved in the mine in Mahova, 230 km from the capital Lucknow, issued a video statement on social media earlier this month to criticize Manila Patidar, the IPS officer deployed in 2014, for corruption, threats and intimidation. .

The businessman who mined the explosives said he should blame the officer if he dies in any way. This video was widespread on social media.

Patidar, former police chief of Mahoba, a mining hub in the Bundelkand region of the state, was suspended on corruption charges under the direction of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, less than 24 hours after the businessman was hospitalized. Murder and robbery attempts were registered against him and two other police officers on the basis of the businessman’s family’s charges.

It is not clear at this time who shot the businessman or how he was shot in the car.

The police have not yet been arrested.

“We want Patidar to be arrested. He’s an influential man. He and his people can hurt our family,” Tripathi’s brother told the press in Kanpur on Sunday.

Samazwadi party leader Akilesh Yadav struck the UP government with the incident.

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“The murder of Indrakant Tripathi, who exposed corruption in the Uttar Pradesh government, ‘Toko’ (Filming) policies, fake meetings by police, and false incidents against opposition leaders have put the country into the abyss. “He tweeted in Hindi.

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