Update: Short seller Hindenburg claims electric truck manufacturer Nikola is a’complex scam’ in a new report.

Mohawk Industries accused of fabricating sales, other violations; stock falls 8%

Short selling, Hindenburg Research, is owned by electric truck manufacturer Nikola Inc. Published a report on NKLA.
On thursday “Complex scam” It is based on the lies that have been told over the years by founder and chairman Trevor Milton. Nicola’s share price fell 9% on the news. The report said, “We have gathered a wide range of evidence, including recorded phone calls, text messages, personal emails, and pictures of behind-the-scenes stories. We detailed dozens of misrepresentations by Nikola founder Trevor Milton,” the report said. “We’ve never seen this level of trickery, especially in public companies of this size.” Nikola misleads its partners by making false claims about the company’s technology, including hydrogen fuel cell batteries that said Hindenburg did not exist. The company plans to use GM battery technology this week after signing a contract with GM to issue $2 billion of new shares. The spokesperson said in an email that “Nicolas was judged by some of the world’s most trusted companies and investors.” “We are on a path to success and we will not be shaken by reports full of misinformation trying to manipulate our stocks.”

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