US Coronavirus: Some college students stay home as local leaders try to control the spread of Covid-19.

Student-athletes face an uncertain future as Covid-19 disrupts college sports

“We don’t have a choice,” said Pastor Kenneth Seekad, President of Providence College, “We don’t have a choice. “If we don’t succeed, there will be no other alternative than closing the campus for the rest of the fall semester.”

The university has moved to distance learning for at least a week, Sicard said Thursday. Indoor and outdoor gatherings and travel to bars, restaurants and nearby businesses are not permitted. All students residing on campus will be tested for Covid-19, and students residing off-campus will not be able to leave the apartment.

The violation will result in “immediate temporary suspension,” the president said.

According to the Rhode Island Department of Health, the number of Providence College students who tested positive by Friday evening had risen to 120 in three days.

According to the school website, there are fewer than 5,000 students enrolled.

Providence College Drastic movement echo Similar measures University and local leaders have been working to stop Covid-19 cases in recent weeks. University and University Infections have been reported in all 50 states.
In Michigan, local health authorities have issued a two-week “maintain clean” order for Grand Valley State University students. According to a news article published in the university, living in an area of ​​Ottawa County Website.
University said On Thursday, we will reward $200 to students who complete the Covid-19 self-assessment daily for the rest of the semester, which will go to the winter semester of 2021.

And in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has instructed the State Liquor Administration to keep an eye on the bars and restaurants where college students gather to make sure they are following safety protocols.

“Serious violations” have been found in several counties so far, the Governor’s office said in a statement.

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The statement said, “With a serious outbreak involving universities across the United States, these reinforced efforts will help keep our students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities safe.”

New Covid-19 case ticks.

The increase in effort comes every day Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the United States in recent years. With 200,000 lives nationwide,
Decrease next week, New daily case As of Thursday, it averages about 39,700 people during the week. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, this average has risen 13% over the previous week over the past few days.
Since the epidemic began, more than 6.7 million Americans have now contracted the virus, and more than 199,090 people have died across the United States. Johns Hopkins.

Providence College President Those who test positive should return home if possible, and others should be moved to campus facilities or hotel rooms.

But leading epidemic expert, Dr. Anthony Fausi, warned of college sending infected students home, he said it could carry the virus.

These CNN heroes are helping newly released prisoners adapt to a world engulfed by Covid-19.

“You’re going to re-seed them with many communities across the country, individuals who can essentially transmit the infection by sending them back to their communities,” he said earlier this month. “So it’s a lot better to put it in a comfortable place to recover.”

Despite previous concerns, the upcoming flu season could complicate the US response to the coronavirus, Fauci said this week that the country could avoid it. Covid-19 and the “double hate” of the flu This fall. In an interview with radio station WTOP, Fauci cited Australia experiencing a flu season that rarely exists.

Dr. Darria Long, an emergency medicine doctor at the University of Tennessee Health System, said this is partly due to the way people have changed to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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Citing masking and social distancing, she said, “This is a really good sign of how we as individuals and how the actions we take to reduce Covid can actually affect the flu.”

But people shouldn’t settle down and get the flu vaccine, Long said. According to Long, about four times as many people in Australia this year get the flu vaccine than last year.

“If we do something like that, it could affect the flu season,” she said. However, we should “not be vigilant.”

COVID-19 plagues college sports

Academia is not the only area affected by the coronavirus in college life. Some schools have seen efforts to revive. College sports Damaged by Covid-19 infection.

Florida State University’s chief football coach Mike Norvell announced Saturday that he had tested positive for Covid-19. Chris Thomsen Bucochi takes on Norvell’s mission while recovering.

“It’s unfortunate, but fortunately the coach feels good,” said David Coburn, FSU’s athletics director. “We’re running the Covid protocol just like any other. The coaches are in isolation and the college tracking staff is handling contact tracking as usual. We will continue to test staff and student athletes.”

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Dozens of Michigan State University student athletes tested positive, the school announced Friday. Of the 376 athletes tested between September 7 and 14, 45 tested positive. One in 24 employees tested positive.

And Very anticipated game Saturday The University announced Friday that the relationship between Baylor and Houston was postponed due to the Baylor team’s Covid-19 case. Baylor didn’t meet the Big 12 Conference’s rules that a team must have at least 53 players to compete. It was the third game to be postponed for weeks in Houston due to Covid-19.
Meanwhile, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Young athletes with moderate symptoms of Covid-19 electrocardiogram, Or EKG, and potentially referred to a cardiologist to determine if they are enough to play.

AAP’s updated guidelines for children and adolescents who exercise have clarified that they should not show symptoms of Covid-19 for 14 days and that they should seek permission from their attending physician before returning to practice and competitions.

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Dr Susannah Briskin, one of the authors of this guideline, said, “Parents, children and coaches should prioritize safety protocols.”

This virus hits some communities more

The colored community has already been hit even more by the pandemic in the United States.

“American Indians, Alaska Natives, and African Americans were hospitalized at a rate 3.5 times higher than whites,” said Jerome Adams, chief of the American surgeon.

Black Americans who have been hit hardest by the epidemic feel hurt by racial viruses and inequality.

“Hispanic’s hospitalization rate is three times higher than that of white people,” he added.

Adams said the epidemic has exploited and exacerbated the health gaps that exist across the country and highlighted the structural conditions contributing to these gaps, Adams said.

“Social distancing and working from home are important to preventing the spread of the coronavirus,” Adams said, but only 1 in 5 African Americans and 1 in 6 Hispanic Americans have jobs that allow them to work from home.

People of color are also more likely to live in “dense urban areas” and multifamily homes and use public transport.

“The combination of these and other factors increases the risk of spreading highly contagious diseases like Covid-19,” he added.

CNN’s Jason Hanna, Carma Hassan, Lauren Mascarenhas, and Amanda Watts contributed to this report.

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