US could raise trade barriers against Brazil, Eurasia says

Produtor norte-americano com bandeira dos Estados Unidos nas costas

The tendency is that the bilateral relationship between Brazil and the United States is worse under the Joe Biden administration than it was under the Donald Trump administration, according to political analyst of Eurasia Group Silvio Cascione.

“This does not mean that Brazil will be treated like an outcast, because it is a strategic ally. Not just business, but government as well, in the case of 5G, an issue the United States is facing China. There is room for a constructive dialogue between the two parties, but we will have less progress on the bilateral agenda, ”he said.

According to the expert, the main point of conflict between the Brazilian and American governments must be the environmental agenda. “Biden will pursue a more aggressive policy of reducing carbon emissions and deforestation.”

Cascione says if countries rely only on rhetoric, increasing tension, Brazil could even suffer from U.S. trade sanctions and barriers.

Commentator Miguel Daoud argues that Brazil needs to communicate better, because the reality of the Brazilian rural producer is very different from what is said outside the country. According to him, farmers and herders only practice legal deforestation, as provided for in the forest code. Most of the irregularities are the fault of the government. “There is illegal deforestation, but it must be combated by law,” he says.

As for carbon dioxide emissions, Daoud says the big polluters are precisely those who criticize the most: Europe, the United States and China.

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